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  In 1980, magneto-optical (MO) disk memory was developed, which was a longstanding dream for researchers of magnetic thin film memory. Since that time, R & D activities to commercialize MO disk memory became active. Many companies also aimed at commercialization of magneto-optical disks and promoted the international standardization. As a result, 5.25 inch MO disk system was commercialized in 1989 and 3.5 inch MO disk system in 1991.
  Based on these backgrounds, in order to activate a wide range of research and development from fundamentals to applications of MO technology, the first MO symposium was held at Nihon University Hall in Tokyo in 1991.
  That is the Magneto-Optical Recording International Symposium (MORIS).

The first 15 years

  From the first MORIS (1991) to the ninth MORIS (2004), the advances in MO disk technology were remarkable, and the areal recording density improved about two orders of magnitude.   During this period, there appeared many practical R & D themes related to MO disks. Those are enhancement of magneto-optical Kerr effect, direct overwrite technologies, magnetic super-resolution readout method, magnetic domain expansion readout method, near-field recording, etc. Also, fundamental research topics, such as magneto-optical effects, magnetism, domain wall dynamics, spin dynamics, nano-observations, and so on were discussed.

Turning point

  Since the ninth MORIS (2004), the presentations on magneto-optical recording technology had decreased gradually, and a new research field, hybrid recording (or heat assisted magnetic recording) to enhance the areal density of hard disk drive, had grown. In order to create new applications by using accumulated knowledge of the MO technology, the 10th MORIS (2006) and the 11th MORIS (2007) were held as Workshop on Thermal and Optical Magnetic Materials and Devices. The two MORIS became meaningful symposia as a turning point of MORIS that lasted 15 years.

Current MORIS

  From the 12th MORIS (2009), we modified the title of the conference as "Magnetics and Optics Research International Symposium" (MORIS) to discuss growing fields related to magnetic storage and memory.   Current MORIS is the forum for discussing fundamental and applied researches in the area of magnetic, thermo-magnetic, and magneto-optical phenomena, incorporating related research topics such as magnonics, spin-photonics, optics and photonics, spin-electronics, nano-fabrication, and novel magneto-optical materials/structures. A lot of papers on new devices, materials, and analytical techniques for advanced information storage, processing, and display have also been submitted.

Summary of the past MORIS symposium




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  Participants /

  1st   1991   Apr.16-18   Nihon University Hall,
  Tokyo, Japan
  S. Uchiyama   N. Imamura   121   409/15
  2nd   1992   Dec.7-9   Hotel Park Tucson,
  Tucson, AZ, U.S.A.,
  T. Chen   T. Suzuki   98   158/13
  3rd   1994   Sep.27-29   Surugadai Memorial Hall Chuo University,
  Tokyo, Japan
  N. Imamura   A. Itoh   127   245/14
  4th   1996   Apr.29-May 2   Leeuwenhorst Conference Centre,
  Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
  R. Krishnan
  N. Imamura
  J. C. Lodder
  A. Itoh
  148   150/17
  5th   1997   Oct. 27-31   Joint MORIS/ISOM,
  Yamagata big wing,
  Yamagata, Japan
  T. Suzuki   N. Ota   130   370/14
  6th   1999   Jan. 10-13   Doubletree Hotel Monterey,
  CA, U.S.A.
  G. Sincerbox
  A. Itoh
  M. Chen
  F. Tanaka
  77   150/14
  7th   2000   Oct. 30-Nov.2   Joint MORIS/APDSC,
  Nagoya Congress Center,
  Aichi, Japan
  N. Ota   S. Tsunashima
  T. Suzuki
  107   175/12
  8th   2002   May 5-8   Ker-Moor Hotel, Benodet,
  Brittany, France
  H. Le Gall
  T. Suzuki
  N. Keller
  K. Sato
  104   130/17
  9th   2004   May 16-19   Yokohama symposia, 
  Kanagawa, Japan
  A. Itoh   M. Kaneko   95   152/14
  10th   2006   Jun. 6-8   Tomiura Royal Hotel,
  Chiba, Japan
  M. Kaneko   K. Nakagawa   56   114/11
  11th   2007   May 14-16   Carnegie Mellon Univ.,
  Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.
  T. E. Schlesinger   J. A. Bain   67   96/11
  12th   2009   Jun. 15-18   Awaji Yumebutai Intl. Conference Center,
  Hyogo, Japan
  K. Nakagawa   H. Awano   74   107/10
  13th   2011   Jun. 21-24   Concertgebouw De Vereeniging,
  Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  T. Rasing     A. Kirilyuk   142   123/18
  14th   2013   Dec. 2-5   Omiya Sonic City,
  Saitama, Japan
  H. Awano   A. Kikitsu   91   130/13
  15th   2015   Nov. 29-Dec. 2   TUT-USM Collaboration Centre in Penang,
  Penang, Malaysia
  M. Inoue   T. Ishibashi   70   88/16
  16th   2018   Jan. 7-10   Queens College of CUNY,
  New York, NY, U.S.A
  A. Lisyansky  
  M. Inoue  
  T. Ishibashi   77   88/11
  17th   2019   Jun. 23-26   Charles University,
  Prague, Czech Republic
  P. Nemec
  T. Rasing
  M. Inoue  
  T. Kato   121   128/19
  18th   2022   May 16-19   Kunibiki Messe,
  Shimane, Japan
  M. Inoue
  K. Nakagawa
  T. Kato   63   78/11


MORIS Technical Programs and Publication (Proceedings)


  Technical Programs
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  Publication (Proceedings)        

  1st     91
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 15, No. S1 (1991)
  2nd     92
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 17, No. S1 (1993)
  3rd     94
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 19, No. S1 (1995)
  4th     96
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 20, No. S1 (1996)
  5th     97
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 22, No. S2 (1998)
  6th     99
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 23, No. S1 (1999)
  7th     2000
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 25, No. 3-2 (2001)
  8th     02
  Transactions of the Magnetics Society of Japan (TMSJ), Vol. 2, No. 4 (2002)
  9th     04
  Transactions of the Magnetics Society of Japan (TMSJ), Vol. 4, No. 4-2 (2004)
  10th     06
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 30, No. 6-2 (2006)
  11th     07
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 32, No. 2-2 (2008)
  12th     09
  Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan (JMSJ), Vol. 33, No. 6-2 (2009)
  13th     11
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  14th     13
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  15th     15
  Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP), Vol. 55, No. 7S3 (2016)
  16th     18
  Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP), Vol. 57, No. 9S2 (2018)
  17th     19
  Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP), Vol. 59, No. SE, (2020)
  18th     19
  Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) (2023)


Photos of past MORIS

MORIS2022 at Kunibiki Messe, Shimane, Japan

MORIS2019 at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

MORIS2018 at Queens College, New York

MORIS2015 at TUT-USM Collaboration Centre in Penang, Penang, Malaysia

MORIS2013 at Omiya Sonic City, Saitama, Japan

MORIS2011 at Nijmegen, the Netherlands